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Insectpel™ is a proprietary technology whereby Permethrin penetrates deep into the fiber, thus providing the highest degree of durability and effectiveness. The fabric when treated with Insectpel™ offers significant benefits to the wearer and requires no re-application, as compared to on skin applications such as creams, which last only a few hours, and sprays and coils which may cause irritation.

Similar to the dye in colorfast clothing, the repellent´s active Permethrin ingredient is designed to stay in the garment well beyond the life of most performance finishes commonly used in the Tactical-Apparel Industry. Compared to spraying or applying topical insect repellent creams which wear off in a few hours, our treated garments and textiles protects against mosquitos and other insects only with a small amount of active ingredient, which lasts through 50 washes.

No. Insectpel™ protection is completely odorless and invisible.

The fabric is treated with our proprietary formula, containing Permethrin (a WHO recommended Public Health Pesticide). When a Mosquito comes in contact with the fabric, it affects it’s nervous system hence forcing the Mosquito to fly away from the fabric, reduce their bite activity or get knocked down. The chemical is embedded deep in the fabric, which doesn’t allow the Mosquito’s proboscis to penetrate and bite the user, hence reducing the chances of Mosquito bites by large

Permethrin, a synthetic of a natural insecticide extracted from flowers, is a World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control recommended public health insectcide. Permethrin treated products protect against ticks, mosquitoes, sandflies and other disease bearing insects.

No, an INSECTPEL fabrics do not cause any reactions on human skin (Oekotex Class 1certified). It’s soft and smooth cotton dyed fabric is odourless, DEET-free and with no known allergic reactions.

If Mosquitos are hungry, they can bite through denim! A person wearing clothes can get bitten by Mosquitoes, as they can penetrate through the fabric, get into the clothes or a blanket and bite! While sleeping with an ordinary blanket, people still use coils, vaporizers and nets to protect themselves from Mosquitoes. The special treatment on the INSECTPEL fabrics keeps Mosquitoes away and protects the user from being bitten.

The technical delivery specification TL 8305-0331 by the German Armed Forces (version Dec. 2014) demands bioactivity tests of Permethrin treated textiles that had been laundered 100 times. During these tests, a 100% knock-downon on Ae. aegypti must be documented within 71.5 minutes.

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