The INSECTPEL™ Blanket is a Mosquito protection blanket: a revolutionary DEET-free product designed to provide effective, safe, and convenient personal Mosquito protection to ensure sound(less) sleep. It’s unique finish is not only effective, but also odourless, harmless and completely eliminates the worry of the harmful effects of conventional repellents.

Your environmental friendly INSECTPEL™ blanket is specifically crafted with your protection in mind – the perfect size, softness (100% cotton), comfort, and safety, with an in-built revolutionary protection that meets WHO (World Health Organisation) and German Armed Forces Technical Delivery (TL-8305) standards.

It is also safe for use by children (above the age of 3).

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  • 100% Premium Cotton fabric.
  • The fabric is treated with a tested WHO recommended insect protection formula (Permethrin).
  • Insect protection up to 50 washes in accordance to the German Armed Forces (TL-8305) Technical Delivery standards.
  • Oko-tex Certified formula – safe for Human Skin.
  • Odourless, No refills, Smoke Free.
  • Compact and can be carried around during travel.
  • Uses no electricity or energy.
  • Product life: 4 Years or 50 washes – whichever comes first.
Effective Healthy Economical Environment Friendly Easy to use
Coilscolis yes no uncheck no no
Spraysspray yes no uncheck no no
FUMIGATORScolis uncheck uncheck no yes yes
Creamscolis uncheck uncheck yes yes no
Mosquito Netsnet uncheck yes yes yes no
insectpel yes yes yes yes yes

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